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Is everyone using ContentTrees receiving the same content? How do you ensure we aren’t posting the same things as a competitor?

Not all users receive the same content, but not all content is entirely unique. As ContentTrees grows, there will be multiple variations of content that will be shuffled amongst our users. Roughly 25 users will receive the same content on a given day, but the next day, the deck "shuffles". This makes the likelihood of consistently posting the same piece of content as another user very low, although at first, you will see some overlap. We also offer the option to customize the text associated with each piece of content, which will further differentiate you.

Can I edit the content?

The content is provided as a graphic with an attached link, along with suggested text to post. You can edit the text associated with each piece of content, including hashtags.

How much content will I receive?

You will receive 1-3 pieces of content Monday through Friday.

Which social media platforms can I post to using ContentTrees?

Currently, ContentTrees supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

How do you source the content? Is it done manually, or is there something that scours the internet for keywords?

Our content is sourced manually- we personally find you relevant content, and are constantly looking for new information to provide you with. All of our content has been vetted by a registered pharmacist.

Where does your content come from?

Our content comes from a variety of trusted sources, such as the FDA, CDC, NIH, Pharma news sources, traditional news outlets, blogs, etc. All content is pharmacy specific and up-to-date, guaranteeing quality and relevancy.

Can I see what content will be sent to me in advance?

As we are constantly searching for the most relevant and up-to-date content, the content you receive cannot be entirely scheduled in advance. You can, however, always look back to see archived content that has been sent to you.

I love the Content Calendar! Can I use it to schedule my own content?

Currently, you cannot use the ContentTrees Content Calendar to schedule outside content. It is, however, a feature we plan to integrate in the near future.


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